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English: Aboriginal Rock Art, Ubirr Art Site, ...

English: Aboriginal Rock Art, Ubirr Art Site, Kakadu National Park, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am interested in sustainable living using as much natural product as possible, I became interested in Permaculture by reading Bill Mollinson’s  book Introduction to Permaculture, it was full of practical low cost ideas to become self sufficient. I believe that the only way for us to survive on our planet is to use Natural and Permaculture methods. Not an easy task as our culture is based on consuming to keep the capitalist wheels turning, leading to us needing to speed up production by artificial means which then puts enormous stress on our environment, but as individuals with the help of the Internet’s resources  we can make a difference, by adopting Natural and Permaculture methods we are able to produce food and an environment that is good for our health and once set up will use little energy to maintain. Everyone’s goal is to live cheaply and by growing our own, buying locally and sharing produce it can be done. I have interests in Politics, Economics and Philosophy, not overly impressed with the monopolised commercial media of the day too one sided pushing their owners agenda, lacking any intelligent arguments or alternate information as a result I haven’t owned a TV or Radio since 2009 I get all my information from the internet via Twitter and numerous other independent news sources, I appreciate the internet for allowing me the freedom to pursue other opinions and facts .

I would like to see our country have a large diversity of locally owned media outlets, which would also compliment locally owned and produced natural foods and other locally made products

I disagree with the amount of small self sufficient farming communities all over the world who have had their lives and means of survival destroyed by governments and others in the name of progress.

I admire our Aboriginal people and their life before white settlement, they sustained our country for 50,000 years, we have a lot to learn from them, unfortunately their belief system has been corrupted by westernisation.

I am now in the process of rebuilding my life after taking the step to walk away from an impossible relationship , done some soul searching and researching and realised that my experience was a lesson , it gave me the opportunity to see that a healthy mind and body is all that matters ,  I am now focusing on building a home again and setting my self up for a sustainable low cost retirement.

Inspired also by Cuba and how they have created a sustainable country and managed for the last 50 years to stand up and not be bullied by the American Government.

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