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The Dalai Lama’s Website

The Dalai Lama’s Website


Entrance to my 10 acre farm, 970 M

The Entrance to my 10 Acre farm

My long term goal is to set up a farm using  Permaculture methods, in the process of getting a DA to build a low energy (low running cost) home. Aim to be food self sufficient by 2018.

Pareto Principle the 80/20 Rule

Interesting principle for many aspects of life, first observed in 1896.

Samsung S2 (2012 vintage) a good phone but needs a memory increase to work better in 2018

Using a Permaculture Principle of  reusing saving money and not adding electronic waste to landfill.

Here is the website I used plus my screen shot, ( important you do a factory reset for phone to recognise the partition increase). follow the instructions from the website below, I used the updated ODIN 3 which has a different layout and button names. I had a few goes at setting it up and bricked (blank screen) the phone a couple of times but eventually got it running and it has improved the battery life and no more memory problems running the latest apps. I”m not an expert at this so it took a lot of Trial and plenty of Error, be prepared to sacrifice your phone if it doesn’t work.

I used ODIN 3

I Downloaded I9100XWLSH_I9100OPSLSB_OPS from SamMobile you will pay for the download

I Downloaded the Partition (Pit) files here I used the 6gb, Click on Re-partition tab in options.

Repartition Samsung s2



Plenty of information on growing and using Comfrey

Free Insulated Chicken Coop Plans

SCPA South East Producers, Locally Grown Food

Gluten Intolerance and the Herbicide Glyphosate: A National Epidemic

Permaculture Apprentice